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For sale

  • Notting Hill C-two DVB

    Notting Hill C-two DVB
  • Ex Aequo

    Ex Aequo
  • Zinidi Gazelle—> SOLD

    Zinidi Gazelle—> SOLD
  • Grace DVB—> SOLD

    Grace DVB—> SOLD

DVB Sale

Notting Hill C-two DVB


A palomino to put all the bays to shame.

This super gelding used to be an approved pony stallion and did very well at the young horse competitions when he was a 3 and 4 year old. He is now 6 years old and training at Z level in Holland. As a 4 year old he won the Divoza Cup and received a 10 for ride-ability from the guest judge rider. He has three really good paces, a light mouth and is able to be ridden by children and (smaller) adults. He is perky and fun to have around, but has been exposed to a lot in his young life, so is not spooky or sharp and really good fun to ride. Would make a very promising FEI pony.

Price category 25-50k

Notting Hill C-two DVB FS Numero Uno
Citou De Luxe FS Champion De Luxe

Notting Notting Notting Notting Notting Notting

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