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    Grace DVB—> SOLD
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    Ex Aequo
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    Notting Hill C-two DVB

DVB Sale

Ex Aequo

Niveau Z
German Warmblood

This is a very attractive gelding by Quaterback that moves really well and performed at a very high level in young horse classes in Germany. Somewhere along the line his brains blew a little, maybe due to too much pressure too soon, or his own character issues, but needless to say it is very much a project horse. We don’t know his full history, but he was sold for quite a lot of money to the current owners and they are just not capable enough to ride him. Hence the current sale. Sometimes he is a happy chappy and you can ride him thoughtlessly around the arena and sometimes he feels no need to do the job called ‘dressage’ and can be spooky or sharp or against the leg. If there is a competant rider out there, with not a huge budget, that can give this boy a good life and possibly get him going to their hand again, then you have a lovely little horse to play with. But, we want our clients to know that it could be a project and there are no promises.

He is clinically healthy and has good x-rays, so that has all been checked.

Price category 10k - 25k

Ex Aequo Quaterback
Quorum de Laubry

Ex Aequo Ex Aequo Ex Aequo Ex Aequo

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