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Dressuurstal Van Baalen archief nieuws

Super start of 2022


What a weekend in Tolbert!

Kan een afbeelding zijn van 2 mensen, staande mensen en paard

Second place in the Prix St. Georges for Jacky! 
Jacky Kennedy DVB (by Damsey) was a little impressed, but she did her absolute best for Marlies! Score: 71,103% 

Marlies won the freestyle with Go Legend scoring over 77% and with Jacky Kennedy DVB she ended second! 
Go Legend was really focussed and beautifully to the music.
For Jacky Kennedy it was her first freestyle ever and her first time at Inter I level, so there were some small issues in the test, but we’re so happy with the feeling she gave! 

Kan een afbeelding zijn van 1 persoon, staan, paardrijden en paard
Thank you Roland Hitze for the nice pictures!

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