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​DVB Dressage Matchmaker

DVB Dressage Matchmaker

Dressage Stable Van Baalen can offer guidance in both the selling and the acquisition of a horse.

DVB Dressage Matchmaker is a unique concept! Through the years, Coby and Marlies have become skilled in creating nice combinations. Besides bringing horse and rider together, we also enjoy training these new combinations. We offer training to smoothen the first steps as a new combination, after which the training can be continued to achieve national and international successes. 

Some examples of successful matches made possible by the DVB Dressage Matchmaker are (in random order): 

*Champ of Class - with Sanne Vos, Lisanne Zoutendijk and Valentina Pistner - gold at the European Championship, 10 European medals, two national titles, two times winner of Felix Cup final
*Wonderful Girl - with Daphne van Peperstraten - part of the Dutch European Pony team 2016, Dutch indoor champion 2016, winner of Felix Cup final (77,75%)
*Golden Challenge - with Annelotte Felix - a score of 70% at the Dutch national championships 2016
*Cupido - with Daphne van Peperstraten - EC hattrick 2018 juniors
*Colt Sollenburg - with Bo Oudhof - Dutch champion Juniors 2016
*Don Bencedor - with Clarissa Stickland - part of the French European Juniors team 2016
*Dionisos - with Thea Bech - scored 69% at their first competition at dutch Z2 level
*Evita Ronia - with Diana van de Bovenkamp - team Silver EC Young Riders 2018
*Flügel DVB -with Sanne Paulissen - winners of the youth section at the Bit Talentday 2016 
*Burberry (together with the Dutch Paralympic team coach Joyce Heuitink) - with Demi Vermeulen - individual silver and team brons medal at the 2016 Paralympic Games  
*Now I’m Here - with Debora Pijpers - gold team medal at the European Championship for Young Riders in 2013, A-kader Young Riders, Grand Prix U25
*Roman Nature - with Angela Krooswijk - four national titles, bronze at the European Championship for Juniors in 2008, placed 4th at the World Championship Young Riders in 2011 
*Don Cardinale - with Marrigje van Baalen and Michèle Thill - four European medals, three Luxemburgs national titles, part of Luxemburgs Juniors team at the European Championship in 2011
*Noble Casper - with Delphine Meiresonne - European Champion 1998, three Belgian national titles 
*Inspekteur - with Marlies van Baalen, Marrigje van Baalen, Danielle van Aalderen, Kimberley de Jong - five European medals, seven Dutch national medals 
*Dancer - with Bettina Hinnemann, Marlies van Baalen, Charlotte Edmonds - 2 European medals, competed at the European Championships four times
*And many more...!

Are you looking for a horse or a pony? Feel free to send us an email at: info@dressuurstalvanbaalen.nl

Dressage Stable Van Baalen trains with pleasure and achieves success!

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