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DVB Horses

Grace DVB

Eigenaar Dressuurstal Van Baalen
Fokker A. Goris-Janssen uit Gendt
Stam Otrichta-stam, uit de Zinni van Wittenstein-lijn
Niveau Z1
Grace DVB is a very charming mare. She participated in the National Mare Test in Ermelo in 2014 because of her remarkable way of moving and her correct exterior. She placed fourth in her group and received the 'voorlopig keur' predicate.  

Grace DVB will be trained at Dressage Stable Van Baalen. Ridden by Jos Hoogendoorn, Grace DVB won her competition debut at the L level with scores of 72% and 75,67%!

Grace DVB Bordeaux United
Kirby Fruhling

Grace DVB Grace DVB Grace DVB Grace DVB Grace DVB Grace DVB Grace DVB Grace DVB

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