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DVB Breeding

Grenoble bloodline

The keurmare Grenoble (Bismarck x Roemer) ridden by Marlies van Baalen

The keurmare Grenoble (Bismarck x Roemer) descends from the breeding line of family Beyer from Drunen. The top dressage horse Parcival, successful with Adelinde Cornelissen, has the same mother as Grenoble.

Grenoble was a beautiful big mare foal with high quality movements. The foal was quite pricey for that time periode but as Arie senior (Coby's father in law) said: 'If you want good quality horses, you have to pay for it!'.

Grenoble developed nicely and received her Dutch 'Keur' and 'Ster' predicates at the studbook test (visit the KWPN site for more information about the predicates). She even became runner up of all the keurmares. She also scored very nicely on the Dutch IBOP test, scoring AA. Coby competed her at the Prix St. Georges level and places third at the international competition in Scholten. The Grenoble line brought many more good horses, such as Sinatra (v. Ferro, Lichte Tour), stermare Utah DVB (v. Roman-Nature) and stermare Viola-Viktoria DVB (v. Idocus).

Utah DVB (Roman-Nature x Grenoble) has received a 'Preferent' predicate because of her high quality offspring. Several known horses that descend from Utah DVB are Alaska DVB (v. Weltino), stermare Baccerole DVB (v. Kigali), stermare Canasta DVB (v. Dayano), stermare Duchesne DVB (v. Michellino) en Enyah DVB (v. Michellino). Kingston DVB was born in 2015 (Franklin x Roman Nature) and in 2016, Utah DVB gave birth to Louisiana DVB (Franklin x Roman Nature).

Some pictures of horses from the Grenoble damline can be found below. 
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